POLITICO, “Christie D.C. Fundraiser Signs on With Rubio,” February 20, 2016

By Anna Palmer

Chris Christie’s top D.C. fundraiser David Tamasi is throwing his support behind Marco Rubio.

Tamasi, who had led the New Jersey governor’s Washington outreach, confirmed to POLITICO Saturday evening that he decided to back the Florida Republican.

“Sen. Rubio is not only the party’s best chance to reclaim the White House but also attract new voters to the GOP,” Tamasi said.

The senior vice president of Rasky Baerlin, a leading DC public relations firm, bundled $375,000 for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid.

Rubio’s finance operation has reached out to Christie’s fundraising network since he dropped out of the race after the New Hampshire primary. Rubio’s team has also been focused squarely on trying to lure Jeb Bush’s major donors.

Several Bush supporters have signaled they are ready to move over to Rubio’s camp as soon as the former Florida governor drops out of the race. “It’s hard for bush to raise money now because a lot of people either are sitting chilly, or they want to see something,” said one veteran Republican donor, who is supporting Bush.

Houston-based bundler Jeff Zeidman, who is supporting Bush, said he wasn’t ready to count him out yet.

“Jeb ain’t dead yet,” Zeidman said Friday. “You ask me again a week from now, depending on what happens to Jeb, I may have to start making a decision.”

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