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As a principal at Rasky Partners, Justine leads the firm’s public relations practice where she specializes in working with clients who find themselves at the nexus of media, government and business. She specializes in crisis communications and issues management, specialty areas for which the firm is well known.

In crisis and reputation management, clients come to Justine and her team when the stakes are high, including bet-the-company litigation, government investigations, high-profile business disputes, data breach, mergers or other reputation threats for businesses and nonprofits throughout New England, Washington DC and beyond. The team provides strategic counsel to leading institutions, global corporations, major health care players, corporate boards, companies, colleges and universities as well as nonprofits and trade associations.

In issues management and advocacy, Justine works with clients seeking to move and shape public opinion around issues being debated and deliberated upon in the halls of Congress and statehouses, as well as initiative petitions that will ultimately be voted upon by the electorate.

Before joining the firm, Justine was the Massachusetts communications director for the Kerry-Edwards 2004 Presidential Campaign and previously served as a communications consultant specializing in public affairs, particularly in structuring and executing campaigns designed to secure public approvals on major real estate and infrastructure projects.

Justine is a graduate of the University of Virginia. She is an active supporter of numerous nonprofits including the Rian Immigrant Center and Boston Harbor NOW.