POLITICO Magazine, “Power Players: David Urban, David Tamasi, Matt Schlapp,” January 9, 2017

Donald Trump has banned lobbyists from his transition as part of his pledge to “drain the swamp.” And nearly all of professional Washington abandoned him during the election. So the K Streeters who spent the campaign defending and working for Trump occupy rarefied space in Washington. David Urban of American Continental Group moved to Cleveland to help run the Republican National Convention. Then he decamped to his home state of Pennsylvania and helped turn the long-time blue state red for Trump. David Tamasi of Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications jumped on the Trump bandwagon early. With deep GOP ties in the Northeast, Tamasi was one of the few Washington Republicans to raise big money for Trump. Matt Schlapp, a veteran of the American Conservative Union now at Cove Strategies, was a regular on the cable circuit as a Trump surrogate. He’s been helping companies navigate the new world order in Washington.