Members of our team have worked on Capitol Hill, the White House, in state capitols, in campaigns, and in the media. We are seasoned strategists who know how to produce smart public affairs communications campaigns rooted in strong industry knowledge and tailored to our clients’ needs in Massachusetts and across the U.S.


Ballot campaigns  Learn more here

We design, implement, and manage aggressive, winning ballot campaigns. Our years of experience in state politics and our deep understanding of demographics and media markets pay off. We have an unparalleled track record of winning ballot campaigns in Massachusetts.


Public policy communications

Operating at the intersection of public policy and the media, we develop communications campaigns that support and enhance government relations programs to help achieve legislative and regulatory goals.


Coalition building/Ally development

There’s strength in numbers. To multiply the voices delivering a unified message, we help clients build, educate, and mobilize coalitions and grassroots ally networks through traditional outreach and the creative use of digital platforms.


Digital Advocacy Campaigns

We strategically leverage digital platforms to support advocacy campaigns. The array of digital tools is endless. Our clients don’t need everything. They need what gets results.


Community Relations

Our breadth of experience allows us to quickly and effectively implement grassroots campaigns and community relations outreach. We turn supporters into activists to help frame the debate and ensure that our clients’ message is heard by decision makers.