Overall Washington Spending on Public Affairs to See a Significant Increase

Insiders Anticipate Notable Increase in Advocacy Advertising

Perceived Effectiveness of Major Organizations to Decrease

Please click here to download the 2018 Washington Insiders Survey Report. Click here to view an infographic highlighting some of the report’s top findings.

March 27, 2018 (WASHINGTON) – For the third year, Washington Insiders’ say that they anticipate an increase in spending on “public affairs” – advocacy advertising and public/media relations — over “government relations” — direct lobbying, grassroots/grass tops and political contributions, according to the third edition of the Washington Insiders survey released today by Rasky Partners. This includes 52 percent of insiders expecting growth in advocacy advertising.  The survey of 200 Washington Insiders was conducted by the Prime Group from Jan. 30 – Feb. 14, 2018 and designed to gauge the relative importance of current and anticipated Washington public affairs spending.

“As the Washington world adjusts to new paradigms a year into the Trump Administration, it is clear that effective political communication requires not just traditional lobbying efforts, but a diverse array of public affairs tools,” said Larry Rasky, chairman and CEO of Rasky Partners.  “These findings are an important barometer as Washington shapes itself for the remainder of the Trump Presidency.”

Among the key findings:

  • Washington Insiders anticipate greater 2018 spending on advocacy advertising and public/media relations than traditional government relations.
  • The perceived lobbying effectiveness of certain major organizations, the NRA, the Chamber of Commerce, and PhRMA, has slipped.
  • A majority of insiders predict that DACA and an infrastructure bill will pass in 2018.
  • The digital Washington Post and Politico far outpace other publications as news sources, though CNN and the New York Times are considered to be the most reliable sources for political news.

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