MasterCard is a global technology company enabling secure transactions between merchants, banks and cardholders. Rasky Baerlein has worked extensively with MasterCard as their legislative agent in Massachusetts.  We provide MasterCard with political intelligence, legislative tracking and state lobbying on priority issues including data security, consumer protection, financial inclusion and electronic payment card acceptance.

Our Work

Our firm worked closely with MasterCard and legislative leaders on legislation to provide consumers with important new protections against identity theft.  We helped MasterCard play a strong role in educating key officials on new protections that should be considered as part of the legislation and we have worked with the state on educating staff on “train the trainer.”


We have been very active with MasterCard in working closely with officials and members of the banking community to increase the acceptance of electronic payments.  We have worked with state agencies to protect consumers and remove barriers to drive commerce and enable convenient, secure and efficient payments anywhere in the world.