Senior Vice President Jessica Beeson Tocco to Lead Firm’s Newest Practice Focusing on Infrastructure

BOSTON (April 17, 2018) – Rasky Partners announced today the launch of its National Public Affairs Practice, led by Senior Vice President Jessica Beeson Tocco. The National Practice will service clients across municipal and state levels of government, identifying and executing successful legislative strategies and procurement opportunities. The practice group is Rasky’s newest since the firm launched its Codes and Regulations consulting service in 2017 focused on working with clients in the building and fire codes space also at the state and local government levels.

“With an increased focus on infrastructure improvements under the current Administration, there is a strategic opportunity for Rasky Partners to expand our work nationally. We are one of the first firms in the region to do so and look forward to building on our success in New England and the Midwest,” said Jessica Tocco.

States across the country – especially in the Midwest – suffer from crumbling infrastructure and face an acute need for more efficient, more advanced road solutions, among other challenges. Compared to the rest of the nation, eight Midwestern states fall within the mid-low range of highway construction costs per lane mile, and only three rank above the national average. In addition, the Midwest maintains roughly thirty percent of the nation’s total number of bridges, many of which are labeled as deficient. The Trump Administration’s plan to improve infrastructure at the state and local levels presents a strategic opportunity for relevant construction companies as capital and bridge disbursements for state-owned roads make up over fifty percent of total infrastructure spending.

Infrastructure companies in and around New England are well suited to expand into the Midwest as the two regions face similar geographic landscapes and climates. Rasky Partners has identified this strategic opportunity and has already begun to position relevant companies to expand beyond New England. Clients in the practice’s portfolio include CDR Maguire, J. Derenzo and Brisa Innovation.

As Director of the National Practice, Tocco brings to the position over a decade of experience working with state, federal and international governments. Before joining Rasky Partners, she served on the Trump/Pence Presidential Transitional Team for Health Care and Small Business. Tocco is an executive member of Vice President Pence’s PAC leadership committee and has served as a member of his Finance Committee.

“We are excited to announce the launch of our newest practice, which is already seeing considerable success thanks to Jessica’s leadership,” said Larry Rasky, CEO and chairman of Rasky Partners. “Jessica knows as much about infrastructure as anyone in this business and has built strong connections at both the state and municipal levels that she is using to help our clients make greater inroads nationally and fulfill significant infrastructure needs in those states that need it most.”

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