Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie, “Episode #107: The 2015 Remembrances Special,” December 17, 2015

The tradition at the Political Junkie at the end of every year is to sit back and remember — and appreciate — those in the political world who left us.  And we continue that tradition this week.

We hear the magnificent oratory of Mario Cuomo.  That penetrating question from Fred Thompson.  The tragedy of Jim Wright.  We hear about the eloquence of Julian Bond.  The trailblazing victory of Edward Brooke.  The indescribable sadness about Beau Biden.

It is the 2015 Political Junkie Remembrances Special.  Join Political Junkie Ken Rudin and special guest Greg Giroux of Bloomberg News as they reflect on those we lost this year who gave of themselves to make the country great.

To listen to the episode on, please click here. The segment remembering Beau Biden and featuring Larry Rasky begins at the 23:43 mark.