Senior Vice President

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John Bivona, Senior Vice President and head of Rasky Partners’ Washington, DC office, has served as a trusted political strategist and advisor within every corner of political campaigns and the federal government. John helps Rasky’s clients advance their policy, funding, and reputation objectives, while overseeing Rasky’s rapidly expanding government relations practice and the firm’s DC office.

Before joining Rasky Partners, John was most recently appointed to serve as the first White House Liaison at the Department of Homeland Security under the Biden-Harris administration. In that role, Bivona guided the large agency’s political appointees on behalf of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during the critical transition period and beginning of the new administration. During the pivotal 2020 campaign, John was the Deputy South Director for the Biden-Harris campaign, where he advised the campaign on personnel, field and spending efforts in pivotal states before being entrusted to run the campaign’s presence during the high-profile Georgia presidential recount.

In addition to his service in the Biden administration, John offers Rasky’s clients perspective from the legislative branch, where he served as the first Chief of Staff for New York Representative Antonio Delgado (NY-19). John also helped elect numerous House Democrats as a senior political staffer for two campaign cycles at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), where he was responsible for recruiting and advising some of the most high-profile candidates during the watershed 2018 election that remade the House.

John’s recent work in Washington at the DCCC, U.S. House and Department of Homeland Security was preceded by cycles of campaign experience across the country. From managing a high-profile special election in battleground Florida, to running a scrappy upstart presidential campaign in pivotal New Hampshire, to pulling together diverse stakeholders to advocate for affordable health care, John offers Rasky’s clients not only his deep relationships, but an authentic sense of how policymakers and political decision makers think.