The Boston Globe, “Clinton Fund-raiser Features Boston Business, Civic VIPs,” August 22, 2016

By Jim O’Sullivan

Hillary Clinton collected about $1.4 million Sunday evening at an Osterville fund-raiser that featured some of Boston’s biggest business and civic names, according to one attendee.

Jack Connors, John Fish, Anne Finucane, Frank McCourt, and Larry Rasky were among the heavyweights on hand for the Democratic presidential nominee’s fundraiser at the home of Elaine and Gerald Schuster, the attendee said.

Bryan Rafanelli, Terry Ragon, Jeremy Allaire, Steve Weiner, Jon Davis, and Howard Kessler were also among those on hand, said the attendee, remaining anonymous to discuss a closed-door fundraiser.

Clinton also attended a fund-raiser in Provincetownearlier in the day.

The Schusters are longtime Clinton friends and prominent Democratic fundraisers. Their Osterville home last sold in 2006 for more than $5.1 million, according to property records.

The Republican National Committee knocked Clinton earlier Sunday for taking a “liberal elite summer tour” of fund-raisers in “wealthy enclaves like Nantucket, Cape Cod, and Beverly Hills, a reminder of how out-of-touch she is and a clear sign of whose priorities she will really be championing if elected president.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump appeared earlier this month at a fund-raiser at the Osterville home of William Koch.

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