We are thrilled and honored that Forbes has released its inaugural list of the top 2021 PR Agencies. The list was released earlier this week in partnership with market research firm Statista.

In the article, Meet America’s Best PR Agencies 2021, Forbes describes, “To develop the list, Statista surveyed more than 12,700 experts and 20,500 customers who nominated more than 5,000 firms. Participants were asked to indicate how likely they were to nominate a particular agency on a scale of zero (very unlikely) to 10 (very likely). Statista then narrowed the list to the top 200 and gave those that received at least the median score a four-star rating and those that exceeded the median score a five-star rating.”

At Rasky, we value our clients, associates and professional relationships more than most. We want to thank everyone and anyone who shared their experience of working with us and we will continue to deliver results that matter the most for our clients.