POLITICO Influence, “Grassroots Growing,” November 18, 2015

By Isaac Arnsdorf

With help from Emily Kopp and Jesse Rifkin

PI EXCLUSIVE … GRASS IS GREENER: Digital grassroots and grasstops will be the most important change in the influence industry next year, according to a new survey from communications firm Rasky Baerlein of 201 “Washington insiders,” conducted by the Prime Group. Fifty-eight percent said that category’s share of advocacy budgets would grow, including 21 percent predicting rapid growth. Almost two-thirds said spending on direct lobbying would stay about the same. This year the insiders said they’ll spend 48 percent of their budgets on lobbying the Hill and the executive branch, compared with 20 percent for public affairs and media relations, and 15 percent on grassroots and grasstops. The respondents still considered traditional government relations to be the most effective.

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