O’Dwyer’s “Japan Fortifies PR Arsenal” July 3, 2014
By Kevin McCauley

Japan, which is in the midst of a high-profile and controversial shift of its military posture, is using Rasky Baerlein Strategic Communications to promote understanding of the importance of its relationship with the US.

The Boston-based firm’s Washington office has the nine-month job that is worth $270K.

Dale Leibach, Rasky co-chairman, spearheads the four-member Japan team. He merged Prism PA into Rasky in January, and has held posts at Powell Tate, Ogilvy and on retiring Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin’s communications staff.

The New York Times on July 2 ran a front page story about Japan re-thinking its pacifism and revamping its military to thwart China’s expansion in the Asian region.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s “collective self-defense” push allows Japan to come to the aid of an ally beyond its home territory.

The Wall Street Journal reported that China has accused Japan of attempting to destabilize the region and return to its militaristic past.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Japan’s move will strengthen its alliance with the US.

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