Boston Globe, “Joe Biden Floated Elizabeth Warren as His VP Pick,” May 12, 2016

By Annie Linskey

WASHINGTON — Vice President Joe Biden floated running for president with Elizabeth Warren on his ticket last summer as he was considering whether to make a bid for the White House.

The two met for about 90 minutes last August at the Naval Observatory, where Biden discussed his thoughts about the campaign.

Warren, a darling of progressives, would have helped Biden capture some of the energy on the left that was propelling huge crowds to attend rallies for US Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. It’s the same reason that Warren’s name is in the mix as Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton considers her running mate.

The suggestion from Biden was first reported by Politico.

Biden never came out and flatly offered Warren the position, or requested her endorsement during the meeting, according to a person familiar with it.

But it was clear where the conversation was going.

As the August meeting wrapped up, Biden instructed Warren to “look around” at the vice president’s home, according to two people familiar with the meeting.

Warren looked at Biden quizzically.

Biden’s response to the freshman Massachusetts Senator: “If I have my way, you’ll be living here.”

The conversations didn’t progress, and Warren never said whether she would agree to be on the ticket. It was also not clear if Biden would have run as a team with Warren throughout the primary process.

“There was a certain magic to the two of them running together,” said Larry Rasky, a close Biden confidant.

About two months after the meeting Biden decided not to seek the Democratic nomination because his family was still mourning the recent death of his son.

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