WGBH’s Greater Boston, “Internal Divisions Wage in Both Republican and Democratic Parties,” October 10, 2017

We have known for years that we are an America divided. But these days, the gap is widening, even among members of the same political parties. For Republicans, it’s a war of words between Donald Trump and outgoing Sen. Bob Corker, who recently likened the White House to “an adult daycare center.”

For Democrats, it’s a Harvey Weinstein problem – after many chose to give away their donations from the ousted movie executive, who is being accused of sexual harassment and assault. But two key Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, are now facing criticism for staying silent for days about the issue.

Jim Braude is joined by senior vice president at Rasky Partners, Jessica Tocco, who has ties to Vice President Mike Pence, Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi, and Steve Kerrigan, president of the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund and former Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor who is currently weighing a run for Congress.

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