Global Traffic Technology


Global Traffic Technology (GTT), an international company that specializes in selling emergency traffic preemption technology which synchronizes traffic lights to allow emergency vehicles to travel through them faster, was having trouble penetrating the Boston market.  Recognizing that Boston was one of the few major cities in which GTT could not get traction in, they hired our firm to help.

Our Work

We understood that in order to help GTT succeed in gaining traction in Boston, and expanding in surrounding cities, we needed to educate policy makers on the need for public safety technology.  We immediately identified and worked with policy makers such as city councilors and other elected officials to gain their support for piloting this technology in the city.


After working with the Mayor’s office, the Department of Transportation, and the City Council, GTT kicked off a six month pilot project in Boston on two major, high traffic streets. Additionally, we were able to help expand GTT’s technology presence in Massachusetts by gaining support from the Mayor of Somerville, MA.