Our team knows how to craft effective, well-managed communications programs to reassure stakeholders, maintain trust and rebuild brands.


Crisis communications

During and after a crisis, an effective communication program is critical to protect an organization’s reputation. We have helped clients navigate natural disasters, recalls, bankruptcies, complex financial crises, high-profile investigations and other challenging events – framing narratives that align with their priorities. We know how to plan for the worst and deal with the unexpected to help organizations manage through crisis situations.


Litigation communications

A smart, strategic communications plan – developed in close coordination with the legal team and executed with care – helps confront misinformation, advance positive messages, and condition the environment for a favorable result. We’ve worked with leading law firms to guide clients through contentious legal battles, including complex multi-state litigation, civil and criminal proceedings in state and federal courts, and class action lawsuits.


Government Investigations & Hearings

Investigations and hearings can pose serious reputational risks for both an organization and its leadership, particularly when scrutiny by policymakers generates media interest.  A successful communications strategy requires intimate knowledge of how the public policy process works. We have extensive experience working with clients and their legal and government relations teams to develop, manage, and implement strategic communications programs specific to their circumstances and supportive of the team’s overall strategy.