The Issues

As policymakers and the public demand accountability for how federal dollars are spent, defense contractors can find themselves in the spotlight.  Our firm has worked with a number of prominent defense contractors facing Congressional and media scrutiny.  We have also developed communications programs around litigation and bid protests.

Our Work: The Projects

When one contractor faced charges of contract abuse and other wrongdoing, we developed communications strategies to rebut the allegations and managed a complex rapid response effort targeted to policymakers as well as the company’s government and private customers.  We have helped prepare company executives for Congressional hearings and worked closely with a contractor’s legal counsel to develop a factual defense of the company’s work that was the subject of civil and criminal inquiries.

For another company, we managed delicate communications with an investigative reporter through several months of coverage, while also coordinating efforts to keep the company’s key audiences informed.  And, with nearly a significant multi-year contract on the line, we developed an innovative media strategy supporting a company’s bid protest.

In all engagements, we work in close coordination with legal and government relations counsel to manage through crisis situations, maintain trust and rebuild brands.