We work with colleges, universities, and private schools to build and reinforce brands and protect reputations by developing communications and government relations campaigns.


Yea Media Relations

We help raise education institutions’ profiles and manage their brands. We have the expertise and relationships to tell your story and position faculty as thought leaders.


Public Policy Communications

With policymakers increasingly focused on accountability and issues impacting post-graduate job placement, effective communications are needed to advance policy agendas and protect brands. We’re experts at producing sophisticated, thoughtful communications and public affairs programs rooted in industry knowledge that are tailored to your needs.


Crisis Communications

We understand the risk areas for colleges, universities and other educational organizations. We are cexperts in helping educators, administrators, and institutions plan for, navigate, and weather reputation-threatening situations.


Government Relations

As federal and state regulators increase their oversight of higher education, we developed government relations strategies that help you understand the complex environment while promoting your mission, vision, programs and initiatives.


Coalition Building / Ally Development

We create and manage coalitions and third-party ally programs for colleges, universities, and educational organizations to multiply the voices, delivering a unified message – one that supports your strategic objectives.