We have the experience and industry expertise to develop effective communications campaigns, work with government regulators and help clients sell into state and municipal markets.


Media Relations

Whether launching a product or navigating difficult regulatory environments, your company needs a media relations plan. We can establish powerful coalitions, mobilize grassroots support, and engage the media to effectively tell your story.

Public Policy Communications

The rapidly changing communications technology landscape creates unique regulatory challenges.  “Creative destruction” in the marketplace requires creative responses from both regulators and legislators, producing a high-stakes environment for companies across the technology landscape. We understand how to develop smart, focused communications programs to support intertwined business and regulatory objectives.


Marketing Communications

Innovative technology is a crowded sector that requires creative campaigns to stand out from the competition. Comprehensive and strategic marketing communication plans are critical to your success. We can help educate your key audiences and potential customers and raise awareness with investors and regulators.


Government Relations

We leverage our extensive relationships on both sides of the aisle to meet your legislative objectives –whether it’s protecting your business interests from harmful legislation, working with regulators to streamline onerous requirements, or helping your sales team sell to state or municipal agencies.


Coalition Building / Ally Development

There is strength in numbers – whether it is rallying allies to advocate on your behalf or demonstrating the far-reaching consequences of a policy decision. We help you build coalitions so you’re not standing alone.


Economic Development Consulting

It can be difficult for new technologies or products to gain traction in new markets.  We develop programs that educate policymakers and the public to generate support for your initiatives. We help identify sales opportunities, provide political support, and assist with crafting effective business development strategies.