We have been the primary provider of technical infrastructure to, a new social network for politics connecting candidates and voters at every level. The project is a primary example of, digital landscape analysis, custom platform development, and support capabilities.


Our Work

The founders of approached our team with a unique and exciting proposition: build a system that provides high quality digital organizing tools at a lower price point. We worked with them to conceptually ideate a social network for politics – where every candidate could create a profile with free tools and voters could interact with them in dynamic and engaging ways.

We initially worked to identify the core needs of most campaigns and obstacles they face in taking advantage of online tools. Our team then performed a comprehensive analysis of profile management systems from popular social networks and then merged them with best practices for online advocacy systems. Our designers created a dynamic user interface with numerous customization opportunities for candidate profiles. The platform incorporated an unprecedented campaign finance matrix and featured an incredibly accurate voter precinct geo-location search system.

Our teams worked together on a user acquisition strategy, social media strategy, email outreach plan, and brand evangelist program. The online advertising team devised an innovate social media ad buy, marketing to hyper-local candidates and decision makers at candidate support organizations.


Result has become one of the most talked about ventures in the civic political arena. The site platform received the Reed Award for best online fundraising tool and a Pollie for best political innovation. Democracy secured a series 1 funding round, and has raised over $2 million dollars for local candidates and political organizations. The platform had over 3,000 candidate users by fall of 2014.