We work with a wide range of energy clients from traditional power and utility companies, to leading wind and solar developers, to electric vehicle providers to cutting-edge innovative companies developing revolutionary new cleantech solutions.


Corporate Communications

We develop sophisticated media and communications campaigns that aim to grow your business, drive sales and raise awareness.  Our team has deep industry expertise and extensive relationships with energy trades as well as cleantech reporters and editors at major mainstream publications, allowing us to secure positive, high-profile coverage that helps support your business objectives.


Public Policy Communications

We understand that the policy landscape for energy issues is often highly polarized as policymakers confront the challenge of developing domestic energy supplies and encouraging economic growth in an environmentally responsible way. We know how to produce thoughtful communications and public affairs campaigns that address all aspects of the debate.


Government Relations

We create municipal, state and federal lobbying and advocacy campaigns that include substantial political outreach designed to ensure efficient permitting as well as vital community support. We work to address congressional and regulatory oversight, intellectual property issues, and potential foreign investor concerns.


Crisis Communications

When the need arises, we move quickly and aggressively to communicate with elected and public safety officials and secure important third-party support. We also engage with energy and cleantech reporters and editors to ensure balanced coverage.