Effective communications are essential when defense contracts are on the line. We know how to produce sophisticated, thoughtful public affairs campaigns rooted in strong industry knowledge and tailored to our clients’ needs.


Public Policy Communications

We have the experience and nuanced understanding of the industry to help resolve the most daunting of challenges. Our experience working on Capitol Hill, in the White House, in state houses campaigns, and the media allows us to work hand-in-hand with government relations teams to achieve your goals.


Coalition Building / Ally Development

The support of the community and the public is vital when jobs, contracts or potential base closings are at stake. We build and mobilize powerful grassroots campaigns to help educate policy makers and demonstrate support for your objectives. With many voices speaking as one, your message is more likely to be heard, all the way to Congress.


Crisis Communications

Damaging allegations can threaten a defense contractor’s reputation and business relationships. We have extensive experience helping defense companies manage communications in the face of investigations, Congressional hearings and high-profile media scrutiny.


Government Relations

With a host of strong relationships at the White House, on both sides of the aisle in Congress and throughout the states, we can help you navigate the complex and political waters that surround any defense issue.