Legislative and Regulatory Tracking

We have extensive experience tracking cannabis legislation and regulations in all fifty state capitals including covering legislative hearings, tracking cannabis related issues and gathering political intelligence.

State & Municipal Lobbying

Our vast network of relationships with state and local officials enable us to position our clients as industry leaders, ensuring their priorities stay in front of decision and policy makers.

Regulatory Approvals & Licenses

We help cannabis companies and other cannabis related organizations navigate the permitting, approvals and licensing processes as well as any other regulatory hurdles they may face.

Media Relations

Our team has worked with cannabis companies of all sized to help protect, maintain and amplify their reputations through the media. Our connections to mainstream cannabis editors and reporters as well as our contacts at cannabis trade press outlets allows us to reinforce our clients messages to the right audiences.

Crisis Communications

In an industry as controversial and complex aa cannabis, it’s not unusual for companies to find themselves facing public criticism, backlash from elected officials, or investigations from government agencies. Our team knows how to manage successful communications among the various stakeholders to ensure their business remains viable and their brand stays in tact.