Senior Consultant

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Marianne is a Senior Consultant at the firm. She brings over 25 years of extensive experience in the federal government and private sector.  Prior to joining Rasky Partners, Marianne held positions in strategic business development, government relations, personnel management, and political consulting. Marianne’s career in public affairs started while at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, she went on to work for Public Television prior to joining her first of many presidential campaigns.

Marianne has worked and consulted for several political campaigns at the state and national level, including serving in various roles on Presidential campaigns from Michael Dukakis to Hillary for America. Furthermore, she has held key roles as the DNCC Deputy Director of Podium Operations, Political Stage Manager, State Director of Scheduling and Advance, and on Presidential Executive Branch Transition teams for both the Clinton and Obama presidencies.

In addition to her campaign experience, Smith held various appointments in the public and private sectors, including eight years of federal service from the White House Offices of Presidential Personnel, The National Archives, and the Departments of Commerce and Transportation. She has spent the last dozen years as a Corporate Vice President and Business Consultant for numerous firms promoting policy solutions, clean technologies, environmental compliance, and energy efficiency, helping agencies to save the government millions of dollars while improving performance.