Senior Counselor

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Lyndsey Medsker has extensive experience designing strategic communications programs around high-stakes, high-profile issues. She also is a digital media specialist who develops comprehensive programs using the latest in digital, mobile and social media.

In addition to working at Rasky Partners, Lyndsey has served as a senior account director at New Media Strategies, a social media and digital public relations firm where she helped clients navigate and impact the ever-changing online environment. Campaigns ranged from real-time tracking of and engagement in developing issues and digital conversations to improving online reputations and search results, building social media platforms and growing and mobilizing grassroots networks.

She also previously worked for Dezenhall Resources, an issues management firm where she managed communications programs and provided counsel to clients facing crises, controversy and litigation as well as legislative and regulatory challenges. She has worked for companies and industries ranging from consumer products and healthcare to pharmaceutical, food and financial services, including serving as national spokesperson for the Community Financial Services Association.