When an organization or nonprofit experiences a change of leadership, a detailed and well-executed communications program helps ensure a smooth transition that reassures stakeholders, staff and donors.


Our Work: The Projects

A national healthcare advocacy organization came to our team in advance of leadership change initiated by its Board of Directors.  The announcement was on a very short time line and board members were concerned that information would leak, undermining the opportunity for a smooth transition.

Working discreetly behind-the-scenes, we developed a detailed media roll-out plan for several potential outcomes.  When the board was ready to make its announcement, the plans were handed off to the organization’s internal communications team which had been unaware of the changes.  They were able to implement the plan quickly, ensuring a successful transition and positioning the organization for a strong next chapter.


The naming of a new leader for a high-profile arts organization required careful sequencing of media outreach with notifications to staff and stakeholders of two organizations to ensure both a positive roll-out and a smooth exit from the leader’s existing position.  Our team worked closely with the new leader as well as representatives of the organization’s board and key communications staff to map out audiences and a detailed timeline for the announcement.